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Tidal Flood Defence Scheme

Client: Interserve

Project:Tidal Flood Defence Scheme

MMEngineering were awarded a flood-glazing and flood gate contract as part of the £3.8m Tidal Defence Scheme on the southern side of the Teign Estuary, in South Devon, an Environment Agency scheme protecting over 250 properties from tidal flooding.

Flood glazing was installed in the tidal defence walls, to help minimise the visual impact of the scheme on the local community. The visual impact of the tidal flood wall was a contentious issue with local residents and the inclusion of flood glazing proved critical in winning local support for the project.

The flood defence windows were used in two different wall types, stone-clad and rendered reinforced concrete walls. In both cases, the exposed concrete mini-columns were cast prior to placement of the glazed panels.

Each flood defence window was designed to a Point Load of 10kN over an area of 150mm2, in addition to the maximum hydrostatic loading that may occur due to temporary rises in sea level.