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Flood Glass Wall

Aesthetic and Effective Flood Glazing

flood glass wall

Visual impacts of tidal and river defence walls is a sensitive issue, as they partially block the impressive sea or river views. Incorporating flood defence glazing resolves objections to schemes raised by local residents, whilst still achieving the required wall height and protection. Flood defence glass walls prove a popular solution with the local communities, helping to minimise the visual impact of schemes.

Each of our flood glass wall panels are designed to withstand Point Loads of 10kN over an area of 150mm2, in addition to the maximum hydrostatic loading that may occur due to temporary rises in rising water levels. They can also be bespoke designed to meet any project specification.

In projects that require a comprehensive defence system whilst also meeting strict aesthetic requirements, our flood glazing system can be used to meet the brief. Designed to be installed in small sections or long stretches of riverbanks or coastline.