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Flood Doors

Industrial Flood Defence Doors

At MMEngineering we understand the ever increasing need to protect entry points to critical assets from flooding. To provide passive flood defence solutions to industrial and utility buildings at risk of flooding, we have developed a range of fully-integrated flood doors. Our flood doors have the design capability to protect your entrance from a full head of water.  Depending on the strength of the surrounding civil works, we can defend your asset up to a height of 4.0 metres

Flood Doors

All our product designs follow best-practice engineering principles and are covered by a full set of design calculations.  These are signed off by an independent structural engineer.  This gives our clients full confidence that our products are fit for their flood defence purpose.

We only source the highest quality materials from UK manufacturers.  This enables us to build strong supplier relationships and provide our customers with competitive rate products with remarkable quality.

A heavy-duty flood door leaf incorporates a closed cell EPDM seal. Our engineers modify the Surelock-McGill security locking shoot system, upgrading it to withstand greater design loads imposed by a head of water.

Steel Flood Doors Designed for Industry

Commercial Flood Doors
Commercial Flood Doors

Our flood defence doors are designed to a client’s needs and specifications.  We can incorporate a variety of design features. These includes vision panels and double-leaf doors with or without a fixed centre-post.  All can be offered in mild-steel with a marine spec epoxy coating or powder coat finishes. We also offer them in 304 or 316 grade stainless steel for installation in particularly corrosive environments.

The majority of our flood defence doors are supplied and installed in the utility sector.  This includes substations and water utility sites where the need to protect their operating equipment is critical. Our install engineers have extensive experience working on these high-risk assets.  They also hold required authorisations which allow them to work on these critical sites.

Security Flood Doors

Certain sites contain sensitive assets that require additional protection.  Safety critical sites that might be targeted by criminals or terrorists also require a secure flood defence.  MME have designed a range a security flood doors that provide the highest protection against unwanted entry without compromising on flood defence.

Technical specifications of our flood product range and further details are available on request.

We are experts at delivering flood doors of exceptional quality.  Contact us today to find out how we can design and deliver flood doors for your flood defence project.

Door design calculations