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Duct Sealing

The existing cable entries and ducts around and beneath a building present a clear risk of water ingress during a flood.  This is a particular issue for buildings housing large and high voltage electrical equipment, such as a substation switch room, which often will have tens if not hundreds of cables fed through below ground level and terminating inside the building.

As a result Duct Sealing is becoming a major requirement in the UK. A lot of cable trenches are inundated with flood water therefore affecting the equipment’s operating life. Having lying water within cable trenches causes condensation as a result this damages and affects equipment within the building.

MME have installed duct sealing systems on a range of customer assets, including:

  • Substations 11kv – 400kv
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Water Utility Sites
  • Gas Utility Sites
  • Communication Centres

Our pioneering duct sealing system offers exceptional flood-proofing capability whilst allowing for existing cables and ducts to remain in situ and for new cables to be inserted into the duct as required.

Individual cables in the duct are sleeved for protection and flexibility before a high-quality silicon-based sealant is used to seal the duct eliminating the risk of flood water breach whilst still allowing for movement, vibration or shock that the cables would be subjected during their lifespan.

In situations where the duct or surrounding civil structure is in a poor condition, an innovative flange system is fixed and sealed to the structure and then used to seal the cables contained within the duct

The system has the dual feature of gas-tightness preventing hazardous gases from passing through and building up inside the confines of the building interior.

MME have successfully tested the system to pressures of 1 bar for 24 hours and can test the product on-site after installation and curing period.